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Tematy prac dyplomowych proponowane w 2016 r. Katedra Informatyki i Automatyki

Konsultant: Ph.D. Tymur Korkishko, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology
Promotor: obierany jest przez studenta

Temat 1: Context aware user authentication on mobile phone, notebook, personal computer and their combinations.
Temat 2: Security and privacy issues on wearable medical devices.
Temat 3: Detection of malware by behavioral analysis of software in mobile devices.
Temat 4: Runtime detection and blocking of high privileged processes in Linux kernel.
Temat 5: User security in IoT environment.
Temat 6: Side channel attacks and countermeasures on software implementations of crypto algorithms: modelling, attacks, countermeasures. Target applications: cheap microcontroller components of IoT. Target channels: power consumption, time of execution.
Temat 7: Automotive security (security of connected transportation - car, bike, etc.)
Temat 8: Special information hiding in user generated contents (voice, video). It is similar to watermarking but also very different. Requires offline discussion.